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Tintri Named InfoWorld 2015 Technology Of The Year Award Winner

Tintri has been named as one of InfoWorld's 2015 Technology of the Year Award winners.

The company – a provider of flash-based storage products specifically designed for virtualised and cloud environments – was recognised for its Tintri VMstore storage product. Now expanded to support Microsoft's Hyper-V and Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization as well as VMware, Tintri VMstore simplifies storage management.

In announcing the winners of the awards and the reasoning behind the decisions, InfoWorld writes: “Tintri tosses old-fashioned terms like 'LUN' and 'volume' to the wayside and puts the VM at the centre of storage management.”

The awards cover "everything from the lightest Web development framework to the heaviest rack-mount SAN qualifies – as long as it's great", InfoWorld states. It adds: "The Technology of the Year Award winners represent the very best products that InfoWorld reviewers worked with in the past year."

Tintri VMstore was so highly rated because it enables admins to get an unencumbered view of virtual machine performance. Furthermore it allows storage management tasks to operate directly on the level of virtual machines and virtual disks.

Meanwhile, of the operating systems that underpins the storage solution, InfoWorld says: "The Tintri OS inspects all network traffic into and out of each storage appliance, leveraging deduplication, compression, and other techniques to keep active data in flash, and providing a deep level of understanding about each virtual machine and its performance."

This in turn makes it possible to run mixed workloads on the same data store while delivering the performance required to each one.

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