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Tintri Demonstrates Powerful Microsoft Performance Management

Leading cloud smart storage producer Tintri has announced that it will be exhibiting as a Gold Sponsor at Microsoft Ignite 2015, demonstrating its new line of Tintri VMstore T800 series storage appliances.

Designed specifically for virtualised environments, Tintri VMstore supports Microsoft Hyper-V and virtual machines running Microsoft Windows applications with high level storage performance and management.

According to Tintri, a number of organisations have already incorporated multi-hypervisor usage into their environment, utilising Tintri VWstore to power enterprise applications including SQL Server, Exchange and Sharepoint.

Tintri is optimised for running enterprise applications on Hyper-V with high performance and reliability, while ensuring a high level of visibility and control to provide millions of customers with a simplified virtual experience in business-critical Microsoft applications.

According to Ken Klein, chairman and CEO at Tintri, the company has seen a large surge in popularity since it deployed its Microsoft Hyper-V software in 2014.

Klein argues that the latest version of the software is the highest quality yet, offering customers the opportunity to set their own quality of service policies and instantly view the results. With the new software, customers can also manage multiple Tintri VMstores together with VMs running on Hyper-V.

Commenting on the Tintri OS 3.2 release, Klein said: "Tintri’s unique VM-level data management and performance is accelerating the adoption of Hyper-V among Tintri customers, and makes Tintri a very attractive alternative for organisations who want storage optimised for Hyper-V."

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