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Tintri Creates Comprehensive Guidance On Cloud Storage

Cloud storage experts Tintri have created a comprehensive guide on cloud storage, providing customers with information regarding the roles of instance, volume and object storage in a cloud storage data centre.

According to Tintri, the virtualisation of the data centre is prompted by the transformation of storage, moving it away from physical protocols and towards logical and abstracted storage models such as instance storage and volume storage.

As part of the guidance, Tintri expert Brandon Salmon explains the importance of virtual disks, which are generated by the abstracted storage and are at the core of cloud-based storage. Mr Salmon also highlights the significance of the physical protocol within a cloud data centre, which is decoupled from the storage model.

According to Mr Salmon, the movement of virtualised environments into cloud environments has shifted the landscape of the data centre, allowing organisations to embrace the virtual disk model pioneered within virtualisation while providing additional models to enable a fully virtualised storage stack.

Speaking in InfoWorld, Mr Salmon states that cloud environments are created to attempt to virtualise the entire storage stack to provide self-service and a clean separation between infrastructure and application in a modern business.

Although most traditional storage introduces hard-to-manage complexity that can reduce flexibility and scalability of a cloud environment, storage designed for abstracted models and virtualised machines such as Tintri’s application-aware storage is more likely to provide versatile storage ready for modernisation.

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