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Report Reveals Tintri Low Cost of Ownership

Tintri, the leading producer of application-aware smart storage for virtualisation and cloud environments, has announced that Tintri solutions reduce operating expenses 50-60x compared to conventional storage solutions.

Revealed in the findings of a Taneja Group Field Report entitled Massively Scalable, Intrinsically Simple: Tintri’s Low TCO the Virtualized Data Center, the results also found that Tintri VWstore systems provided 6x better performance compared to traditional solutions.

The report was based on in-depth interviews with Tintri customers across a range of industries, with one Fortune 200 Financial Services company achieving $700,000 of CAPEX savings on one project over a three year period thanks to a single 3U Tintri VMstore.

Tintri also dramatically reduced the amount of time spent on the deployment and provisioning from weeks to minutes, with many customers reporting up to a 52x reduction in time for implementation and 60x decreased in annual management time compare to their previous solution.

According to Arun Taneja from Taneja Group, the study highlights the impressive benefits that Tintri products have to offer companies operating a highly virtualised or cloud environment.

He said: "Tintri’s emphasis on VM-level management delivers far better density, performance and ease-of-use than conventional storage. And—based on our interviews—the Tintri VMstore produces fanatical customers.”

These sentiments have been confirmed by Kieran Harty, CTO at Tintri, who agrees that the firm has established itself as a key enabler of both virtualisation and private cloud.

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