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ProLabs Reveals Shift In Optical Networking Market

ProLabs has announced the findings of its latest survey into the optical networking market, with the results suggesting a major shift is taking place in the mindset of customers sourcing solutions.

The company, a leading independent provider of global optical network infrastructure products, revealed the results at the 2014 European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC). According to Nick Moglia, CEO of ProLabs: “The study reveals that the decades long dominance of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may be at a crossroads.”

Looking more specifically at the results, 98 per cent of respondents ranked quality as one of their top three priorities when purchasing fibre optics, with 89 per cent highlighting price in the top three. However, only 14 per cent of respondents said they considered brand names to be a top three concern.

The result, as Mr Moglia stated, is that OEMs are losing their grip over customers. This is attributed to the market maturing, meaning customers are increasingly willing to search around for quality, rather than just opting for one of the big name vendors.

With greater choice being supported by advancing customer knowledge of the technology, users are now looking to shop for the best product at the best price, ensuring they get value for money and avoid vendor lock-in.

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Mr Moglia concluded: “No longer, to my mind, do they feel duty-bound to a particular OEM… In spite of what OEM’s say, optical component parts are now a commodity and not a monopoly.”


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