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Mitsubishi Realises Immediate Benefits With Tintri

Tintri has announced that Mitsubishi Polyester Film (Mitsubishi) is using Tintri VMstore to manage its virtual estate.

One of the largest polyester film suppliers in the world, with clients from a range of technically demanding industries, including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, Mitsubishi’s IT infrastructure had to ensure continuity and agility. That is why it turned to Tintri, the leading producer of application-aware smart storage for virtualisation and cloud environments.

In the short period since deploying Tintri VMstore the company has already noted a two times performance improvement, 10 times reduction in troubleshooting time and a 15 per cent reduction in cost.

Previously Mitsubishi was relying on a NetApp storage solution that was proving too complex and costly. Furthermore, the legacy system was failing to diagnose virtual machines, meaning the business had started to need multiple software solutions to manage its environment.

Thomas Zimmerman, manager of information services at Mitsubishi, explained: “We were ready to add more capacity, but we didn’t want to upgrade the existing NetApp solution.

“It was very complex from an administrative perspective. Our IT administrators had to attend specialised training at NetApp just to manage the appliances.”

The company opted to install two Tintri VMstore systems, which took less than an hour. This allowed Mitsubishi to migrate 300 virtual desktops onto Tintri and immediately experience better performance, easier troubleshooting and reductions in both CapEx and OpEx.

Zimmerman added: “I have already recommended Tintri to three of our customers because I really believe Tintri has created one of the best and most innovative IT solutions in the market today.”

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