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Mellanox Announces Microsoft Collaborations

Leading interconnect solutions supplier Mellanox Technologies has announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft Corp and Micron to build the first-ever cloud solution connected by 100Gb/s Ethernet and Mellanox CloudX platform.

Mellanox Technologies is already renowned for providing a wide range of high-performance interconnect solutions that increase data centre efficiency by providing the highest possible throughput and the lowest possible latency, delivering data to applications faster while unlocking system performance capabilities.

The new CloudX platform solution utilises Microsoft's next-generation technology to enable more efficient use of Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces, with two times higher bandwidth and 50 per cent less latency. These effective Storage Spaces enable continuous available storage clusters to use local storage, while unlocking a higher level of performance.

According to Kevin Deierling, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies, the new CloudX platforms enable enterprises and cloud service providers to build the most efficient cloud deployment possible in half the time, maximising data centre operations by running more jobs over less expensive infrastructure while ensuring they do not have to compromise on performance.

Siddhartha Roy, principal group program manager of Windows Server and Services at Microsoft, has stated that the new collaborative technology demonstrates how Storage Spaces can be combined with Micron's advanced flash-based storage and Mellanox's 100GbE interconnect solution to help user build a faster and more reliable storage for their cloud infrastructures.

Commenting on the collaboration, VP of marketing for storage solutions at Micron Eric Endebrock said: "High-speed access to storage is critical to capitalising on the low latencies delivered by SSDs. Collaboration like this across networking, software, and storage leaders is an essential part of delivering optimised next-generation enterprise architectures."

A second collaboration between Mellanox Technologies and Microsoft has led to the launch of a next generation Windows Server 2016 Storage Replica, which is used over Mellanox's MetroX long-haul system and InfiniBand interconnect solution to enable data centre expansion and rapid disaster recovery.

According to Mellanox, Storage Replica is a new feature than enables synchronous replication between servers for disaster recovery and the creation of a fail over cluster to enable high availability. The synchronous replication also enables mirroring of data in physical sites to ensure zero data loss at the file system level.

Kevin Deierling describes the new technology as the perfect cost-effective and low power solution that ensures the modern day data centre can run both locally and across a network while enabling ease of management under a single unified network infrastructure.

According to Mr Deierling, enterprise data centres can also used the high level of scalability and performance built into Microsoft's Storage Spaces technology and Mellanox MetroX long-haul with InfiniBand to perform critical services including disaster recovery at extended distances quickly and easily.

Commenting on the technology, Siddhartha Roy said: "This technology demonstration highlights how Storage Replica, combined with Mellanox’s MetroX long-haul system and end-to-end FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand, helps enable user availability, expansion and utilisation of remote storage infrastructures."

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