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Amatis Cuts Latency By 98 Per Cent Thanks To Tintri


Tintri, a leader in application-aware smart storage, has announced that Amatis Networks is using its VMstore solution to underpin the company’s virtual environment.

Amatis is a UK-based managed service provider (MSP). It stated that by using Tintri VMstore it was able to reduce its data centre footprint and power consumption by 66 per cent while also reducing latency in hosted customer environments by 98 per cent.

Providing cloud-based hosting solutions for a wide range of customers across the UK, Amatis required a scalable private cloud solution that could handle thousands of virtual machines (VMs) with high levels of visibility. Bottlenecks, caused by varying workloads, had resulted in its previous infrastructure regularly struggling to cope with capacity, so it turned to Tintri, a specialist in smart storage for virtualisation and cloud environments.

Alex Fossa, CTO and founder of Amatis, explained: “One of our hosting customers was experiencing huge operational problems in its environment on a daily basis.

“Every time one bottleneck was solved, another would arise. We decided the only way to fix all of their issues was to design, supply, and manage an entirely new infrastructure solution for their multi-site highly available environment.”

The company’s solution was to purchase two Tintri T620 arrays that resulted in a 98 per cent reduction in latency. Fossa stated: “Tintri has taken a very simple appliance-based approach to storage. With Tintri’s VM-level visibility, we can easily troubleshoot any performance slowdowns.”

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