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Malwarebytes Tech-Training Webinar & NFR Licence


05 Lip 2017  -  20 Gru 2017

 Take part in the Malwarebytes Tech-Training webinar.

Webinar every Wednesday 10.00-12.00 Meeting ID: 148 602 6896 


  • Overview of Malwarebytes solutions, including Breach Remediation
  • Product functionality
  • Managment console installation
    • Step by Step
    • Best practice
    • Configuration
  • Client rollout
  • Prerequisites for a successful Trial/POC
  • General questions

Audio Access

Participants can use their phone or the microphone and the speaker of the computer (VoIP). Alternatively, you can find an overview of all phone numbers here: https://meetings.ringcentral.com/teleconference

NFR Licence

After completion of the webinar, you will receive your personal free NFR licence key for 25 seats. 

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